CACHE, Inc – Sponsored Classes

CACHE is a parent-led group.  Each of our classes is taught by present and past homeschool parents. Each year the list of classes offered changes.

Those families that use the Thursday Co-op classes are required to help in a volunteer role as Monitors or help within the classroom if the teachers request it. This does not mean you will need to do this each week but a couple of times a quarter.

Presently we have classes in these areas.


  • Advanced Biology Gr. 11-12
  • Biology Gr. 8-12
  • American Lit Gr. 10-12
  • Non-Fiction Reading/Writing Gr. 8-12
  • Government and Economics Gr 8-12
  • Speech & Communication Gr. 8-12
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology Gr. 8-12
  • Arts and Crafts Elementary
  • Legos Gr. 3-6
  • Music & Movement Gr. K-1
  • Food Preservation All Ages
  • Science Gr. 1-6
  • Current Events Gr. 6-8
  • Entrepreneurship Gr. 6-12
  • American Sign Language Second Semester only any age
  • PE twice a month

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