Crawfordsville Aquatic Center Pool Rules

*  Children 5 yrs and under MUST be accompanied by a adult or responsible teenager.

*  Children under 10 MUST have a parent/guardian present for the entire swim session.  Children 10 and older must have a way to contact their parent/guardian in the event of an emergency.

No running or horseplay.

No diving in the shallow end of the pool or the instructional pool.

No jumping into the pool where the two pools connect.

No jumping off the side of the pool backwards.

No jumping off steps of instructional pool.

No hanging on the rim of the basketball goal.

Only one child using the slide at a time, including the steps.

You may use the tubes in the shallow end of the pool and may use life jackets in the instructional pool only.

To use the diving board, you must pass a swimming test.  The test is to swim across the pool and back in the 20 ft. section using the freestyle stroke.

*Please help your child understand that when he/she hears a whistle to stop, look at the lifeguard and listen.

*Children will be reminded of swimming safety once.  If they do not correct the behavior, they will be told to sit out a few minutes.